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The Dominican Republic's military is second in size to Cuba's in the Caribbean; DR has an army with approximately 44,000 active duty personnels; they have war airplanes and helicopters, they have war ships, they have armored tanks; DR also has an economy that is 7 times larger than that of Haiti and they could tap into their national treasury to acquire new and advanced weapons in case of emergency.

Dominicans have been preparing for a military conflict with Haiti for decades, and it is foolish for Haitians to think that their country will walk away unscathed in a military conflict with the Dominican Republic.

Ricart, July 3 2015, 5:24 PM

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Topic: FLASH : Haiti - Dominican Authorities DEPORTS Haitians at Midnight including New Born Babies

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Outrageous and immoral behaviour on the part of the Dominican authorities. The international community must be made aware of these inhumane... read more >
B Murphy Bridge, 2-Jul-15 12:07 pm
How is it "inmoral" "inhumane...?" Stop being fixed on the DR!!! We are NOT the soutce og your problems!!! Yes, ilegals have to be deported! Talk... read more >
Dr1, 2-Jul-15 1:43 pm
Honestly, i woukd rather die tham tp spend 5 secs in rd, my only problem is how they are deporting them but other than that i want the rd to deport... read more >
Jj, 2-Jul-15 9:50 pm
Thi is outrageous. I cannot believe this. Something has to be done. What are the authorities doing about this? read more >
Yolaine Garraway, 2-Jul-15 10:10 pm
Haiti patriots say boycott Dominican republic racist communist country right now this is crime against humanity,this is a declaration of war it's... read more >
Bernadin Sylvestre, 3-Jul-15 12:36 pm
@Bernadin Sylvestre The Dominican Republic's military is second in size to Cuba's in the Caribbean; DR has an army with approximately 44,000 active... read more >
Ricart, 3-Jul-15 5:24 pm
@Stupid Ricart, yes DR wants to take revenge on Haiti for what our ancestors did to them; for being our slave. But no matter what DR is doing to... read more >
Proud To Be Haitian, 4-Jul-15 8:18 pm
Dr1, 5-Jul-15 7:29 pm
Inhumane!!!! Society can't be that heartless to allow this desegregation to continued. The two presidents should meet and mediate this issue! read more >
Marie Mendes, 6-Jul-15 1:11 am
What issue? That there should be another 3 million illegal Haitians allowed in the Dominican Republic because.....(fill in with your own pathetic... read more >
Aldo, 6-Jul-15 2:31 am
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