Haiti patriots say boycott Dominican republic racist communist...

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Haiti patriots say boycott Dominican republic racist communist country right now this is crime against humanity, this is a declaration of war it's time for the Haitian government to take action against Dominican republic racist and man up by assemble the Haitian Military FADH back to active duty. Haiti patriots are ready to help our country in this crisis call us at 508-405-5389 Haiti patriots are united FADH.

Bernadin Sylvestre, July 3 2015, 12:36 PM

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Topic: FLASH : Haiti - Dominican Authorities DEPORTS Haitians at Midnight including New Born Babies

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Outrageous and immoral behaviour on the part of the Dominican authorities. The international community must be made aware of these inhumane... read more >
B Murphy Bridge, 2-Jul-15 12:07 pm
How is it "inmoral" "inhumane...?" Stop being fixed on the DR!!! We are NOT the soutce og your problems!!! Yes, ilegals have to be deported! Talk... read more >
Dr1, 2-Jul-15 1:43 pm
Honestly, i woukd rather die tham tp spend 5 secs in rd, my only problem is how they are deporting them but other than that i want the rd to deport... read more >
Jj, 2-Jul-15 9:50 pm
Thi is outrageous. I cannot believe this. Something has to be done. What are the authorities doing about this? read more >
Yolaine Garraway, 2-Jul-15 10:10 pm
Haiti patriots say boycott Dominican republic racist communist country right now this is crime against humanity,this is a declaration of war it's... read more >
Bernadin Sylvestre, 3-Jul-15 12:36 pm
@Bernadin Sylvestre The Dominican Republic's military is second in size to Cuba's in the Caribbean; DR has an army with approximately 44,000 active... read more >
Ricart, 3-Jul-15 5:24 pm
@Stupid Ricart, yes DR wants to take revenge on Haiti for what our ancestors did to them; for being our slave. But no matter what DR is doing to... read more >
Proud To Be Haitian, 4-Jul-15 8:18 pm
Dr1, 5-Jul-15 7:29 pm
Inhumane!!!! Society can't be that heartless to allow this desegregation to continued. The two presidents should meet and mediate this issue! read more >
Marie Mendes, 6-Jul-15 1:11 am
What issue? That there should be another 3 million illegal Haitians allowed in the Dominican Republic because.....(fill in with your own pathetic... read more >
Aldo, 6-Jul-15 2:31 am
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