I want to do it too. Let's talk. Mbulesoul at yahoo.com

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I want to do it too. Let's talk. Mbulesoul [at] yahoo.com

Tamika, May 5 2015, 1:26 PM

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Topic: Moving Back To Haiti - I Did It...

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I pray all will be well for you brother. Peace and love to you. read more >
Sonia, 27-Jun-13 5:45 pm
I really can appreciate this article because it is rare to find Haitian people willing to return to our native land. Yo chita y'ale travay pou blan... read more >
Lgm Djaspora, 11-Jul-13 11:36 am
I want to move back to Haiti. I'm tired of being discriminated against by Whites and Blacks. PAP might be pretty bad right now but the rest of the... read more >
Joe, 18-Aug-13 4:14 pm
Zanmi, ou se yon vre pitit kay. Mwen admire santiman patriotic, nationalis ki nan ou. Mwen te kite Ayiti an 1983 avek lintansyon pou'm tounen nan... read more >
Lionel Vernet, 21-Aug-13 6:38 pm
Woody, Congratulations! At 15, I was right beside you in class entertaining the same dreams of eventually moving back to Haiti. You took an... read more >
Ralph, 30-Aug-13 6:18 am
Dear Woody, Thank you for your story! I'm very interested to contact you for a reasearch in sociology about return migrants in Haiti. Could you send... read more >
Celia, 29-Dec-13 10:23 am
Thank you for writing this newsletter. You seem to have the same story that is in my heart and you inspire me to go ahead and make my dream come... read more >
Mimi, 3-Jun-14 11:23 am
If plan ahead I don't see why not. read more >
Daniel, 4-Jun-14 11:06 am
My Brother, I recignize your situation my advise is to contact Pastor Isdor in springvalley, I lived in SV also for a few years and Pastor Isdor is... read more >
Jaygeedennis, 24-Jun-14 12:53 pm
I want to do it too. Let's talk. Mbulesoul@yahoo.com read more >
Tamika, 5-May-15 1:26 pm
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