Are Haitian Women Romantic? - A Poet's Perspective (Part 2)

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Topic: Are Haitian Women Romantic? - A Poet's Perspective (Part 2)

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That's a stupid question,regardless of haitian or not, what women doesn't romance in one way or the other, are haitian women romantic?, thats a... read more >
Carolyn., 29-Nov-09 7:32 pm
To you the question is stupid, I remember reading somewhere online that Haitian women are the most Romantic. Sounds like that offends you. Typical... read more >
G, 11-Nov-10 12:27 pm
Are Haitian Women Romantic? - A Poet's Perspective (Part 2) Here is the link on this same site Caroline, maybe you can check out yourself before you... read more >
G, 11-Nov-10 12:38 pm
I would say having a Haitian myself, any man should be aware that Haitian women can be romantic because they know how to serve a man right and... read more >
G D, 21-Dec-10 4:58 pm
No, No, No, "G"! We've been on the receiving end of back ended comments and "sadly" sincere inquiry from people like yu forever and I'm sure this... read more >
Carolyn., 30-Dec-10 4:18 pm
Boy! dairy of an angry Haitian woman, lol. like I said before, if you bothered to look it up on this site, I did not ask the question. Second, the... read more >
Ga, 30-Dec-10 5:44 pm
OK "GA" you asked for it. I'm not angry I'm passive aggressive... Speaking of angry Haitian Women, you act like I don't have a right to be angry at... read more >
Carolyn., 30-Dec-10 10:05 pm
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