Haiti - Accident Delmas 60 - Yon gro camion dlo monte sou moun

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Haiti - Gen yon accident ki pase nan Delmas 60 maten Jeudi 19 Mars la. Yon gro camion dlo monte sou moun. plizye moun mouri.

Gen yon demwazel ki kraze net anba camion an, se se ki di sou station Radio Caraibes FM.

Dapre nouvel yo, 2 moun mouri, 3 lot moun blese...

Kisa ou panse?

Haiti Nouvelles, March 19 2015, 10:58 AM

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The reason why such accident happened in Haiti is because of corrupt official who let 90% of these trucks to circulate around the country. How the... read more >
Christophe Francois, 19-Mar-15 1:21 pm


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