Can anyone help me get my papers?

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I'm 18 years old and i live with my sister.

Both my parents are dead. My father when i was 9 and my mother at the age of 14. after my father's death i had to go leave with my sis in the U>S.
i've been her for over 8 years now. I have tried everything and basically even the congresswomen said the only thing i can do is get married.But i wanted to know is there any other way. If i file through my sister it will take about 20 to something years and honestly god knows i can't wait that long. I have so many dreams but i can't move foward mainly because i'm not a citizen so i can't work or do basically anything.

please contact me asap God bless.

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Iam sorry to hear that,but I don't know where you located but I can give you my email address,so you can contact a lawyer them nobody want an help... read more >
Topic, 26-Nov-03 5:38 pm
God gives you strenght and a mind, start researching. start making calls!! call local haitian community centers. read more >
Topic, 11-Dec-03 8:35 am


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