Mia Love, First Haitian American elected to U.S. Congress

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Topic: Mia Love, First Haitian American elected to U.S. Congress

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OMG a face reader who can tell what someone is thinking by looking at his/her face, outstanding! You are absolutely right,(Some things in this world... read more >
J Frank, 5-Nov-14 9:31 pm
Congratulations Mia love enjoy your seat don't forget us god blest read more >
Bertha Bouquet, 6-Nov-14 12:59 am
She make us so proud and I know my Haitians sisters and brothers they are the best all over the world they show them that we are very intelligents... read more >
Maryse Delince, 6-Nov-14 9:29 am
Wow, it is just like an Obama event. First Haitian And first Women, this is a win win for America. May God be your Conselor when you facing big... read more >
Gerald Lafargue, 6-Nov-14 9:39 am
Congratulations Mia!!! Power to women!!! and I am so proud to be haitian. read more >
Bernadette Martelly, 6-Nov-14 7:06 pm
Ummm, she may be of Haitian ancestry, but she ran and was elected to represent the beautiful state of Utah, which is 91% white. It is not a state... read more >
Bob Zee, 7-Nov-14 12:52 am
Dear Mia Love In 2013 the supreme court of Dominican Republic revoked citizenship o thousands of haitians descent born in the country after 1929. in... read more >
Eddy Jeantel, 9-Jul-15 5:05 am
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