Radio wb&b fm live 88.7 north port florida suetons pere a son...

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radio wb&b fm live 88.7 north port florida suetons pere a son ame?

Jerome Moloby, October 12 2014, 8:57 AM

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Topic: PHOTO: Haiti - Michele Bennett et Michelle Ania Duvalier - Veillée Funèbre Jean Claude Duvalier

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Ahhhhhhh papa! Ti neg pat kon-n pan mwen! Se pou tout Prezidan yo purifie ak tout fan-mi yo au nom de Jesus. Se pou tout lapolis, Munistah, L'arme... read more >
Patrick Princivil, 11-Oct-14 8:12 am
Jah love. Give thanks and praises for sharing this photograph. Go to hell Baby Doc. Your boss, the devil is waiting for you. And your relatives and... read more >
Marie Nadine Pierre, 11-Oct-14 8:13 am
Se sel ayiti pou michele bennet nan figi moun tjou ak tout maril ki mouria. read more >
James Constant, 11-Oct-14 8:58 am
Nadine you next obnoxious asshole,this is not the time. read more >
Ninon, 11-Oct-14 10:10 am
Qu'il repose en paix read more >
Sherlie, 11-Oct-14 3:49 pm
go hell devil shit you and your family peace of shit read more >
Ronald Bert, 11-Oct-14 5:41 pm
When Jean Claude and Michelle were in power, we were proud of our country. We use to be free, we had electricity, we could go everywhere, any time... read more >
Edna, 11-Oct-14 10:45 pm
peux importe son passee il etait un etre humain personne n'est parfait toutes mes condoleance a sa famille que la terre lui soit leger a DIEU... read more >
Keer, 12-Oct-14 7:23 am
radio wb&b fm live 88.7 north port florida suetons pere a son ame? read more >
Jerome Moloby, 12-Oct-14 8:57 am
Ok you right but until now where I come in from we live in dark.....electricity where? People used to be scared but not respect equal between... read more >
Jeb, 12-Oct-14 6:05 pm
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