FLASH... Haiti - Jean Claude Duvalier is DEAD

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Haiti - Jean Claude Duvalier is DEAD

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Haiti - Jean Claude Duvalier is DEAD

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Topic: FLASH... Haiti - Jean Claude Duvalier is DEAD

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Sephora, 4-Oct-14 3:23 pm
Jah love. I cannot understand how you can have love for this Dikkktator who slaughtered countless numbers of innocent Haitian people. I hope and... read more >
Marie Nadine Pierre, 4-Oct-14 4:04 pm
Jesus will judge him we dont av to worry hes gonna get a fair trial now rest in peace read more >
Jean Guerold, 4-Oct-14 4:13 pm
Le jugement a prix fin sans aucune condion formelle, malgre tout quel jugement quu on espere. read more >
Willy Augustin, 4-Oct-14 7:16 pm
RIP dear president I will always love you. read more >
Annie, 4-Oct-14 8:21 pm
This is the same Duvalier that ruled with brutality and corruption for nearly 15 years before being overthrown in 1986. This is the same Duvalier... read more >
Ricart, 5-Oct-14 7:07 am
All I remember growing up is how my mom used to say "his dad put me in jail" so rest in peace BABY DOC read more >
Bernard Montpeirous, 5-Oct-14 10:49 am
Rest in Peace JCD. Sins are sins, and we are all sinners. read more >
John Q, 5-Oct-14 6:17 pm
Le jugement appartient a Dieu seul!!! Yon seul bagay mwen ta rinmin ajoute nan toute move pawol moune ap di yo se ke pa bliye son ti moune yo te... read more >
Patience, 7-Oct-14 5:23 pm
Let go of the angers! To many many Haitians, he was not this horrible man as we like to portray him. Let go read more >
Patience, 7-Oct-14 5:59 pm


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