I knocked to an Haitian door by offering him my assistance for free, and he did not accept it

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Be serious, man.

I was looking for the good news for Haitian professional, but ironically I did not see anything at all. I thought It was some kind of news that could interest me. For instance, something like an Haitian professional organization, a CPA or anything else that could help the Haitian community most importantly those professionals who just came from Haiti.

I came in the United States of America 14 years ago with a degree in accounting from INAGHEI.

I never had the opportunity to work as an accountant in this country so far. I have an associate degree in computerized accounting system technology from TCI since 1999. Now I am working towards my bachelor's at DeVry University in center city Philadelphia where I am about to take a tutoring position for accounting I and II. However, if we have an organization that can provides assistance (volunteerism, for example) to our young professionals when they come here in this country; It will be great because they will have the experience the companies or others are asking for in order for them to get a job. I knocked to an Haitian CPA (Certified Public Accountant) door by offering him my assistance for free, and he did not accept it. I will be very pleased to help anybody when I have the opportunity to do so. I know there is a lot of sceptic Haitians who do not believe an Haitian can actually put himself available to help others.

I understand that very well, because we Haitians- we use others too much. But I know I will do it. Trust me.

Harold Milord
Harold Milord

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