That's so yes i m saying that all the time most of the time i...

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That's so yes i m saying that all the time most of the time i make enemies for so

Nelson, September 21 2014, 4:30 PM

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Topic: Is Haiti a place where you are NOT allowed to give credit?

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BRAVO Woodring! An insightful article and one can only hope the rattlers will not only read it but give it serious reflection. read more >
Barbara Murphy-bridge, 19-May-13 3:57 pm
I think the problem is ignorance. We have so much of it in Haiti, and people don't think rationally. Also, gossip and rumors travel at lightning... read more >
Paul, 19-May-13 6:35 pm
One candle chases away darkness, and one sngle voice chaters the silence of fear and changes a curse into a blessing. I raise my voice and call out... read more >
Patrick Gaspard, 19-May-13 9:40 pm
Once again you're right we haitians we're like that. we do not know until when we're going to change this mentality read more >
Jean, 20-May-13 12:14 am
Another masterpiece! Hats off Woodring! And as someone already said, the main reason is ignorance. Many Haitians refuse to give you credits because... read more >
Damebochie, 20-May-13 6:36 am
Se fou yo fou deye yon group, kote le etraje bezouin fe yon bagay ki pa bon yo itilize yo pou lajan avek lide machann peyi yo, yo pa janm bay kredi... read more >
John, 20-May-13 6:57 am
love and respect should be the answer read more >
Miejo, 25-May-13 8:40 am
In my view, the Haitian politicians are to be blamed for this. They are the ones to set such example. The government in power must stop trying to... read more >
David Grant, 26-May-13 8:43 am
I realize that Haitian politics is ugly. As a Haitian American I am looking from the outside in to Haitian politics. It's crazy that here in the... read more >
Ulysse Sou Facebook, 21-Sep-14 3:22 pm
That's so yes i m saying that all the time most of the time i make enemies for so read more >
Nelson, 21-Sep-14 4:30 pm
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