Man, you have to live it to believe it. In the case you're one...

Prich - September 3 2014, 2:27 AM

Man, you have to live it to believe it. In the case you're one of those parents who are thinking about a medium quality to high quality school for your children the situation gets even worse.

About 80% of schools in Haiti is private and not regulated by any laws aside from the academic curriculum and calendar, set by the state.

The schools have installed fees that are evidently ridiculous and irrelevant in the face of everyone and don't have to explain for them to any instance or anyone, plus the parents have to pay for all manuals, tools, etc..., furthermore and widely have to purchase uniforms often from the schools.

In details: there is the the yearly Entry fee about USD$500 at the Kindergarten level, $250-$400 at higher levels, around and over $50 for books/manuals and tools more expensive at the Higher Learning sphere, and uniforms sometimes polo-t-shirts $50/unit or textile materials of about the same cost. All of that with no exaggerations each year in a country being the poorest in the hemisphere where the average person make USD $2 a day. Also the positively intended program "LEKOL-GRATIS" has yet to reach over 1/4 of all schoolmates, and I think it will give the president a very bad press and public opinion trend, it is a bad idea to go ahead with this opening date, it is hurting so bad and I express this as a parent living in Haiti and who has children within the Haitian educational system.

Why do the Haitian government has to copy on system as developed countries such the U.S., Canada, France etc which reopen schools in September.

On the basis that Haiti's education level is poorer due the amount time spent in classrooms.

That would reveal to be false, about those days when my generation in its late 30s used to return to school in Haiti in October every year and were the valedictorians in every community where Haitians have come to establish.

That is merely a pure bureaucratic miscalculation and incompetence.



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