Haiti, Like A Game of Chess

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Topic: Haiti, Like A Game of Chess

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Two words: "Absolutely great". read more >
Topic, 25-Feb-05 7:27 am
Well Mr. Saint Preux, if your intention was to get me to think, you've succeded. I think you've nipped it right on the butt with this analogy of a... read more >
Topic, 25-Feb-05 8:38 am
That was very moving and nicely put into words now what are we going to do about it that is the question? read more >
Topic, 25-Feb-05 9:47 am
Thanks for the nice comments The haitian internet is about sharing ideas. I hate being the only one getting all the attention. If you have something... read more >
Topic, 25-Feb-05 9:50 am
Very Good read more >
Topic, 25-Feb-05 12:56 pm
nous avons des bras pour pouvoir surmonter {Haiti}du petrain que'elle se retrouve non pas un jeu d'echec,parcequ'il n'est pas permis a tout le monde... read more >
Topic, 25-Feb-05 1:43 pm
Great Article, I enjoyed reading it. However, I would have enjoyed it even better, if some suggestions were given on how to solve this crisis. I do... read more >
Topic, 27-Feb-05 3:23 pm
I enjoy reading these little thoughts by various people of our nationality, however it would please me to know what these individuals are doing to... read more >
Topic, 28-Feb-05 9:56 am
These words are deep. Everything you have said are true, but even the queen already been dead the knithgs have been captured should we give up or... read more >
Topic, 1-Mar-05 2:24 pm


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