Encadrement in my opinion is the fans responsibility to carry...

Roosevelt - August 27 2014, 12:11 PM

Encadrement in my opinion is the fans responsibility to carry the artist as a superstar, but you can't just claim to be a star. just because I sing in the shower, it doesn't make me a singer, I've been to a few shows displaying various Art work from Haiti, and base on some work of Art they are just that painters not Artist.

it is a business and Haitians don't know how to network and capitalize on their success, Art is passion, if your first purpose as an Artist is financial gains, then stay as a painter.

this is Identical to Haitian music and Haitian film, you may think you have a hit, but to the public it sucks, and the response is in the negative sales, most Haitian musicians still hold a job while performing 4 nights a week, especially in this economy, $21 CD and only one song that is good. showing up 2-3 hours late at a Bal, they have no respect for the public or care about feed back from the fans.

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