Kidnapping is only a fraction of all the crimes occurred in...

Franck - August 24 2014, 8:13 PM

Kidnapping is only a fraction of all the crimes occurred in Haiti daily.

The propaganda machine fails to report daily crimes devouring the souls of Haitian families.

Everyone is too busy trying to make a few bucks even at the cost of their fellow citizen's heads as justice merely exists.

People get shot and killed everyday on their way home from the airport.

A Haitian-American woman from Boston took some time off from work to go take care of a property she owned there but she ended getting murdered after leaving the airport.

A 16 years old boy was coming back from a 2-week visit in Florida watched his luggage taken after a traffic stop and was shot to death in front of his mother.

Say what you want to say! Remember you do not have a conscious like most animals do. Picture yourselves as medieval monsters who live off the blood of innocent people.

Backward society!

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