Dominicans, not Haitians, Captured Clifford Brandt

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Martelly administration officials held a boisterous press conference claiming credit for the arrest of fugitive Clifford Brandt.

In fact, the Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe reported via his Twitter account that Clifford Brandt had been captured by the Haitian police.

However, Dominicans produced a video footage of motorized units of the Dominican Army holding a press conference following the capture of fugitive Clifford Brandt and before the arrival of Haitian police, when custody of Brandt was handed over.

Brandt was captured in the Dominican Republic, on the road to Neiba, D.R., not Cornillon-Grand Bois. Furthermore, Brandt and three other accomplices were pulled over trying to circumvent a police check point called "Indio" or the Indian.

The General Commander of the Dominican Army, Major General D. Paulin Ruben, had ordered a closer monitoring of the border to prevent Haitians fugitives from taking refuge in the D.R.

After their arrest, Brandt and the two were taken to the army sub-station in Jimaní, by the Dominican Commander of the 5th Infantry Brigade, Colonel Andrew Santos Melo, which under instructions from Major General Pauline Ruben, coordinated the hand over to Haiti Police Inspectors Jacques Destrorel and Gestmain Ader.

Ricart, August 14 2014, 9:02 AM

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Here's the Dominican press conference, where you can see the Haitian fugitives being held by Dominican authorities: read more >
Ricart, 14-Aug-14 9:06 am
Haitian police and politicians want to take credit for this capture, and even gave statements to the foreign press, and reputable news agency AP... read more >
Ricart, 14-Aug-14 9:18 am


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