New Year's Day... Soup Joumou Day...

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Topic: New Year's Day... Soup Joumou Day...

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Woody, ou fem renmenw de plizan pli. Ayisien natif natal. Mwen pa kapab pase yon premie janvie san bwe 4 a 5 bol soup. Mwen renmen weou telman, I... read more >
Monique Dessources, 1-Jan-09 6:08 pm
Hi woodring, I want to aske you how many vent do you have, are you a chameau. read more >
Carmel, 2-Jan-09 1:03 am
hi woodring you are ok? i m very happy to see your pictures you have chance because you have your bowl of soup but me i can t cause i live with my... read more >
Stephanie, 3-Jan-09 9:53 pm
I can't stay away from it, it's a tradition and I teach my children the same thing. This is our tradition and we can't burry it. We will take it to... read more >
Marie Gabriel, 3-Jan-09 10:06 pm
Bonjour as-tu trouve la recette pour la soupe joumou... ma femme qui est haitienne m'en a fait au jour de l'an cette annee si tu as la recette... read more >
Luc, 21-Mar-10 9:07 am
Man, it's like you had agreat time with your family, and friends when you were back in Haiti.Your face says everything, seems like you're still... read more >
Monchery, 1-Jan-11 12:48 pm
I support it 100 %.In 1804 God thee Father of Jesus Christ made Haiti free from all nations of the world.Apre 207 an,Counie a se moman pou tout... read more >
Sergo Jean, 1-Jan-11 3:57 pm
Hi Woodrigue, you are so funny man,,congratulation for what you have been in this moment.You really care about Haiti,,I have the same feeling you... read more >
Jean, 1-Jan-11 5:21 pm
I always have soup joumou every year even when Iwas living in New Zealand.I guess I was the fisrt one who introduced thyme and joumou there.While... read more >
Myrtho Charles, 2-Jan-11 8:38 am
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