Way to go...Congrats to the team...well done!

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Way to go ...Congrats to the team...well done!

Cj, August 5 2014, 6:35 PM

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Topic: Haiti Polo Team Wins their First Championship Trophy in History

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Way to go...Congrats to the team...well done! read more >
Cj, 5-Aug-14 6:35 pm
Wonderful! Vanderbilt! Horses? That's part of our history..It's in our blood!Wonderful! Just wonderful! read more >
Frantz Reid, 5-Aug-14 11:18 pm
I had no idea Haiti was involved in such sport. Good job! read more >
Paul, 8-Aug-14 9:49 pm
Well done team Haiti. read more >
Roseline, 10-Aug-14 2:07 pm


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