Martelly and Lamothe are men of their words - Carnival Cruise Lines Resort in Haiti Tortuga Island

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President Martelly and PM Lamothe are men of their words...

Up to now together they delivered big time for our Mother Land....

They said Haiti is open for business, here we go....

This team is composed of true nationalist who are willing to give up their wonderful lifestyle in order to give back...

They embodied the meaning of being Haitian leaders (provide for the needy and free the oppressed as our ancestors have taught us for instance: fought for the Caribbeans' freedom as well as USA's freedom...)

It's been long over due, we had to learn from mistake and awaken our collective consciousness...

Haiti must move forward as we continue to understand we as society is one and for ever stop looking at event through our veil. Let's see things for they are without any filter whatsoever...

We're on our way, but we got to be consistent in our endeavors.

Love, and much love to all of you my fellow MAN....

Ivens T, August 1 2014, 6:32 PM

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Topic: Haiti sign Agreement with Carnival Cruise Lines to Build Resort in Tortuga Island (Ile de la Tortue)

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That is very good for Haitians like me I only know port au prince and Vicinity.After 50yrs in USA and no families left. i will love to visit others... read more >
Franckner, 1-Aug-14 10:28 am
Bonnes nouvelles mais...J'espere que ce "protocole d'accord" prevoit aussi un protocole de securite. read more >
Paul, 1-Aug-14 11:34 am
Very exciting news. If ferrying employees from the mainland is possible then a lot of future jobs are on the horizon! read more >
Barbara Murphy Bridge, 1-Aug-14 11:34 am
Go Haiti. Want and hope to see more in a near future.A new Haiti is still possible. Congratulations from Farehd International read more >
Kenol Aris, 1-Aug-14 11:47 am
"Never give up on a dream because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway." ― Earl Nightingale read more >
Jean F Colin, 1-Aug-14 12:09 pm
I must attest to the fact this current government in Haiti is the most progressive in recent memory anyone can remember. We can all agree that it's... read more >
Jacques Laine, 1-Aug-14 12:41 pm
Great! I have said that before when I was working the program FUSION on Radio Tropical in Brooklyn NY. I said it many times that Tortuga Island was... read more >
Jeancarlo Chatelain, 1-Aug-14 2:13 pm
I think it's good,as long if it's handle properly. It shouldn't be private. read more >
Guims Toussaint, 1-Aug-14 4:25 pm
President Martelly and PM Lamothe are men of their words... Up to now together they delivered big time for our Mother Land.... They said Haiti is... read more >
Ivens T, 1-Aug-14 6:32 pm
It's is a good idea.we think about that so long time ago. read more >
Vivian Latortue, 1-Aug-14 7:04 pm
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