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Good day. I have done a 7 page summary of rich dad poor dad.How can I get a second serial rights for my summary. Any help? Bye & take care. read more >
Topic, 13-Jul-04 4:40 pm
zup? can i ask for a copy of your summary of rich dad-poor dad? holler at yo' boi aight? read more >
Topic, 21-Sep-04 4:40 am
Dear Cay Benitez, I was not given the serial right for the summary.That is why I can't share it freely with my new friends like u. All the same can... read more >
Topic, 23-Sep-04 3:17 pm
hey i need a copy of your summary of rich dad poor dad...please do it as soon as possible. THX!! read more >
Topic, 16-Nov-04 10:57 am
hey can i get the copy of the summary of each chapter??? please i need it right now.... read more >
Topic, 13-Mar-05 7:25 pm


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