1er Janvier, 2004 - Message a La Nation!

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Topic: 1er Janvier, 2004 - Message a La Nation!

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I say what a powerful message! When I started reading it my heart start pounding and I litterally stop breathing for a second. I couldn't believe... read more >
Topic, 1-Jan-04 12:10 pm
J'ai ecrit ce message en anglais(what a powerful message) ne sachant pas qu'il serait traduit en francais par un systeme automatique. En ecrivant la... read more >
Topic, 1-Jan-04 1:40 pm
It is very unfortunate on your part that you choose not to say any-thing about what's going on right now in our beloved- homeland.It sadden me to... read more >
Topic, 1-Jan-04 9:46 pm
I know that Haiti is not where we would like it to be. I also know there are many things that we SHOULD be doing to make it better. I am an... read more >
Topic, 1-Jan-04 10:16 pm
I thank you for your comments about the article. It was a very inspiring comment and I do appreciate it. Regarding the Translation, it's an... read more >
Topic, 1-Jan-04 10:39 pm
Well Mr. Saint Preux, that is a very deep way of putting together what you think SHOULD BE DONE. There is one thing you need to understand: in that... read more >
Topic, 3-Jan-04 3:43 pm
Thank you for your comment, I say "nobody likes to be told what to do" and there is a specific reason behind it. Sometimes you may find yourself in... read more >
Topic, 4-Jan-04 10:13 am
I pray God to give you more wisdom,and other youth could learn from you,and will be able to do positive things to change Haiti. God bless you read more >
Topic, 5-Jan-04 11:58 pm
One of the biggest message I have ever heard is when dessalines asked all the haitians out of the state to come back to build the country. Now i am... read more >
Topic, 8-Jan-04 2:23 am
greetings! this message is for mr. woodring saint preaux! please contact me when it is convenient for you. i am a journalist for oneworld magazine... read more >
Topic, 10-Feb-04 12:52 pm


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