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Im a haitian students and I attend Barry University, because I attend a private school, It is pretty hard to find a scholarship dedicated to haitian... read more >
Topic, 6-Nov-03 5:41 pm
Hello iam Louna Magoufit,was born in Haiti, in raise in Haiti came to the U.S at the age of 10 now going to graduate from high next year of 2005 and... read more >
Topic, 19-Aug-04 4:43 pm
T am a 50 years old haitian female going to enroll in a master program in fall 2005 at Southern Connecticut State university in environmental... read more >
Topic, 20-Dec-04 11:14 am
hello,my name is stephane mathieu,iwas born and raised in Haiti.i came to the US when i was twelve.i am currently a senior in melrose high school.I... read more >
Topic, 10-Feb-05 1:53 pm
Louna! It's your best friend from high school who sees you in Gainesville almost everyday! Love you! read more >
Parker, 2-Mar-06 5:35 pm


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