Unregulated Abortion in Haiti

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Topic: Unregulated Abortion in Haiti

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I personally don't believe in abortion. This little creature didn't ask to be created. Poeple should the consequences of their actions. the baby is... read more >
Topic, 20-Oct-03 8:52 pm
I am glad you agree with me. I know it is sometimes difficult to have children in Haiti, but others are trying to help and I hope Haiti does not let... read more >
Topic, 25-Oct-03 9:52 am
I am glad you agree that abortion is wrong. Other countries are trying to help Haiti and it must look toward it's future (it's children). read more >
Topic, 25-Oct-03 10:21 am
I agree. Do you live in Haiti? read more >
Topic, 25-Oct-03 1:32 pm
I dont understand why someone would kill something that god is bring into this world. I mean at least give the bab up for adoption dont take its... read more >
Topic, 12-May-05 9:20 pm
Abortion being "wrong" is your own opinion, not an objective truth. read more >
Willow, 2-Dec-12 3:22 pm
but if the woman does decide to do this (for the many personal reasons they must do it), it should be safe! read more >
Meghan, 13-Mar-13 8:59 pm


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