Great, Let us put hands together to serve God in heaven, with...

Patrick Princivil - June 9 2014, 2:16 PM


Let us put hands together to serve God in heaven, with Jesus-Christ we will sit at the same table with God's father, son and holly spirit whatever rich and poor.

Let us stick our hands together to fix Port au prince including croix-bosal, lassaline, let us put hands together to clean Haïti properly and help the poor to do better.

Don't keep saying fò Président Martelly alé is not an option.

Let us stop the selfishness that's why we are I in that situation.

Diasporas, this is a serious business, if we don't go and help Haiti it will die or perish, we need somebody we can give credit; do not let the Haitian's people stay in that deep darkness let us develop our own country like City of Pilate and more, let us focus on farming and agriculture, making bridges for tractors and truck trailers to travel deeper and deeper in the farm place it doesn't make any since, in the province of Haïti, the farmers make food's production just for themselves because not even horses and animals can travel in the farm's place to produce food's, don't be dominators for Haïti, but the helpers, how they will make it?

I don't know for you guys but for me it's insulting, people who work in the Haitian's government get pay from 130 gourdes-160 gourdes a day except police, and more. The funny thing they have a lot of women on that 130gourdes-160 gourdes a day; if Jude Celestin had 11 women in 2010; according to the Haitian' s people, how many he has white now?

If all of them do the same thing how they will wear an underwear?

Diasporas don't have money but we can take heavy loan in Canada-US when we have good job and good credit.

I am in Canada from 1990-2014; In my bank statement I never have any opportunity to put a $5000 Canadian in any account, if a $4000 Canadian go into that account it will disappear the same day, this mean bill already waiting for it. I am not saying everybody is in the same situation, I am talking about myself,

The constitution of Haïti say diaspora can not be President, diaspora can not be prime minister, diaspora can not have any post in the parliament of Haïti, if they get pay 130 gourdes -160 gourdes a day where they find that kind of money to be Candidate of Haïti?

Guys open your eyes, diaspora if we don't put hands together to fix our country we will see our oil in our shit (caca).

How long O.N.G took that post in Haïti?

They plot to keep us in the poverty and bondage you can't even see that, do you think if it was Dominican Republic they would not do better for them?

we have to take care of our own country, let us put hands together to demolish all the ugly buildings devastated bay the earthquake in 2010-2014; don't blame Président Martelly-Lamothe, if these tonton makoute's O.N.G don't release money to remove all the shit to rebuild Haïti what Martelly can do?

they have to work with the tax they collect couple gourdes in Haïti to do the Job, if any politic party gather with this poor miserable
Haitian's people to make war with Président Martelly ak Lamothe I will attack O.N.G, they have to fix Moise Jean Charles with Lavals's party, opposition and Unité, these American's people didn't do anything for us in 1915-1934; I don't believe they will help us, Diaspora let's go and help, our ambition should be about to fix Haïti ourself and tell O.N.G thank you for that service and when we can do better let us say we don't want them anymore.

They have to manage their own business, I don't want to hear any politic's party of Haïti complain for anything only all they know is burning tires, making noises, destroy house, burning cars etc. Diaspora I hope you will cooperate with Martelly-Lamothe.

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