Are all haitian related to igbos

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Hello, It is me again.

I don't believe that all Haitians are related to this one particular tribe.

when the ship would go to the no return port, people from different tribes were there, as the say it was a meli-melo.

I know the bible was manipulated to make us hate each other and who ever did it, did a great job. Last night I was reading the a passage for my son King 22 or 23 the one before the story about Queen Sheeba.

The story is about the wisdom and wealth of Salomon.

At the end of the story, it sais that the descendents of canaan were the slaves and servants of Salomon who are still slaves in the present time. I had to change it because I don't want my kid to read any garbage that is against him.
I had the same arguements with my preacher who is a black man and haitian as well.
Question: Why would God curse his child to his infinit generation?

Why would God be the great God of all if he loves his children in defferent degree.

Black people don't know that Israel is a part of Africa.

I asked a friend from Mexico to tell me were is panama in the continent?

Why all races from each continent are the same eccept Africans or Blacks.

The best side of the story is how many Jesus so far I have seen?

One with black hair brown eyes, one with blond hair blue eyes, one with blond hair brown eyes.
In fack the real man, if so, is a very well built black dud.
Very well built because he was a carpenter not a lazy bum walking around talking all day.
Example: How would he be lazy and tell you that you should work hard. If people from canaan are Africans and cursed, so was he.
If Israel was a caucasian and rascist, the bible would have been totally different and he wouldn't say let all the children come to me. With such great power, every black person he would see, he would have turned them into a toad.
I have spoken to a few jews and they said that Jesus was black and jew are black descendents.


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Hello, It is me again. I don't believe that all Haitians are related to this one particular tribe. when the ship would go to the no return port... read more >
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