Hi How are you? I had a similar experience. I came to the US...

Hi How are you?

I had a similar experience.

I came to the US in July 1985. Seems like a long time, but to me it was like yesterday.

I was 14 years old when I came to this country.

I did not have my green card, however I had a 5 year visa. I went to high school and I graduated in 1988, I was seventeen years old. During my senior year, people started to tell me that I couldn't go to college because I did not have a green card. I said to myself I am going to try anyway.

I was a very good student, I was very involve into my school work. During my High school years I played soccer, I was in the French club Spanish club and Choir.

Anyway, I told one of my friends in school and she told me she never heard such bs. Since we were both seniors we applied for grants a scholarships together.

I recieved a total of five scholarships to go to college and I went to college.

While I was in college I recieved my green card. I graduated college with a bachelor degree of science in Nursing.

A lot of time people will try to discourage you by saying what you can and cannot do, it is up to you to know your strenght and what you are capable of doing.

I think everyone deserve to go after their dreams with or without a GREEN CARD..


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