Are Haitians related to the Igbos (Hebrews) in the Bible?

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I believe yes, because, due to the African slave trade also went to Haiti.

More evidence are the Creoles (French speakers) living in Louisiana also called Gullahs.

It is historically said, that the Gullahs in Louisiana are part of the Igbos.

Also, the Haitian people residing in Haiti today.

Realize, both groups are Black people, speaking French because, France had them in slavery.

It was also said, that African people put into slavery world-wide are God's Chosen People.

When we as Black people were put on the slave ships by either France, Britain, U.S., Portugal, Spain etc. they said, "These are the children of the prophets."

We were not speaking French, English, Spanish, Portugese etc. when on those slave ships.

Those languages were forced on us by the slave masters.

We spoke the language of the Biblical Israelites known as Hebrew.

So, let us get together and not hate those who languages we now speaking.

Just, find out more how this all came about and what are we going to do about it.

Shalom, shalom from Israel,
Sister Hadassah

p.s. You can also e-mail me at
harr-ell [at]

Hadassah HarrEll

Sister Hadassah, May 6 2005, 5:24 AM

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