Coorperation, vision and obedience. This is a masterpiece my...

Coorperation, vision and obedience.

This is a masterpiece my good friend.

I always think that I am crazy everytime I would say that our problem is simple.

We have come from a long way. Now it is up to us not to get played again.

Remember When Aristid told them "go give them Pere Lebrun" They never thought that they were being studied by aristid by Aristid to see how far he could trust them and how he could manipulate them.

I am glad you said that we can make if we want.
Nothing good is impossible to man.
Kennedy said USA shall make it to the moon and they did.
how complex the racket was, but it was done.

With law and obedience we might end up being the next super power.

President Monroe said so and still now the USA is.
Some will say that they had resources and the answer is, the resource is in the palm of your hands.

The great machines are created by men just like you and I who don't believe that they don't have the resource to make the machine.

Here is a great example: When you see these big yatch that worth six million dollars or more, I sew how they are made because I am in the field.

The most simple things.

To one it is the most incredible machine specially the interior then again They are all fabricated in small shops like where I work, by people just like me.
Any way Mr Saint preux that was a great article


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