the world is for you as well to explore,don't limit yourself

To finish, my great friend.

If we start licencing all boutiques.

each and every one will have a licence that last for X amount of months.

Each one will also carry an uneraceable record book. Each end of that X month the go renew their licence, they present the book and taxed up on their revenue.

most of all it should highly punishable if one would mess with that book.
In the book, each customer will write down his number ever for a piece of bread.

Having such record, they can always go back and research for incidents.

For intence how many people die after a meal and blame it on lougaou.

It will be great for hospitals and government.

the money from their tax can generate businesses by giving small business loan to others.

It will pay many government workers etc.

Tap-taps would be eliminated and replaced by normal taxis and government buses ofcourse some licenced private ones.
Do you imagine that one taxi already giving two people a full time job. that same taxi should be kept in code which means jobs for washers, mechanics, bodies etc.

If one taxi can generate few jobs, what about the bus?

With such idea, police will get paid and will do a good job to keep himself employed.

These are just minor law that can bring us back in shape.

This means we have it all to make it work if we want.
When I said it is easy o fix my friend, it is. If we decide to suffer a bit and gain it all tomorrow, we can.

The idea with the students you can see how much we can accomplish more-over we will have the best of the best with in five years or so.
After these kids build up their country, the classism will be gone. Duvalierism (chien manger chien)will be a thing of the pass. the Lavalasism (haine) will be no longer a haitian culture.

Pride and hard work will be our emblem.

Where in the world will you see a child of 17 years able to read a build blue print or wiring a whole building.

So that's how we can eleviate Haiti with the minimum resource.



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