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Hello My great friend.

Here is a great idea. If the government comes up with a national security number same as here and Europe.

Here and Europe one can't work without it.
Haiti would be a bit different.

Every person most carry one with no "but" everyone would be charged a minimal amount and every certain years it must be renewal.

Visitors must have one that sais he is a visitor to stay for such and such time.
The card would have a carrier's finger print and picture.

The card would go directly to a database with it's number for it can't be duplicated.

Now the government will have a clear idea of who is where.

The money from these cards would creat a income to feed criminals.

Now having criminal in jail doing nothing is a crime itself to the country therefore make them work building roads, plating trees etc.
Now while the doing their time and their work, educate them. most of all give a large cafeteria where they can communicate or I should say interact.

We have many students.

Make it a curiculum that every year the do a month of public work and with that they will already have skills such as Welding, masonery.

These students will creat the best men power that we would ever have and tomorrow the best president will will ever have.

Education: There was a time that USA needed workers therefore the government created a lot of technical schools.

But in Haiti the people will learn as they work for the government.

the most important part is that they learn how to obey orders.

With this little combination, we can make a big step foward.

Decentralisation is a fact. We would start in one provence and move people awy from port-au-prince.

Don't you think this would help Haitian respecting one an other by working together.

It would have to be extremely strict.

one student misses a day, next day he makes it up. If he wouldn't, severe government punishment.

We need orders in haiti in a constructive way.
Please give me your responce.

You are the best my friend


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Hello My great friend. Here is a great idea. If the government comes up with a national security number same as here and Europe. Here and Europe one... read more >
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