The cost of school in Port-au-Prince, grades 6 thru 9th

Could anyone tell me what the cost of school is in Port-au-Prince?

I need the cost of grades 6 thru 9th. Also what uniforms and books would be.

There is a family in Petionville that I am trying to help. They need food (as most Haitians do).

I am trying to figure out how much money I should send for food a month.

So if you also have some idea where I could find out how much rice and beans would cost (I know an exact amount is impossible, but a ball park figure) it would be tremendously helpful.

There is only one person that I can trust with the money for school and food, and even he will try to get more out of me if possible.

Thanks for any help that you can give me, it is really appreciated.


Joanne Eklund

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