Someone who inspired me to reach my dream as a singer was...

Someone who inspired me to reach my dream as a singer was Whitney

Notice i said the word "was".

Ever since she's been living a
life leading to destruction, I stopped liking her and i stopped
pursuing a career in singing.

For me, once my inspiration died out, I
died out too.

For me, no one has made a difference in my life. I am so glad that this
topic was brought to my attention.

Everyday that I live, I sense that I
am by myself.

I have no one to look up too. I strive everyday to find
my purpose but I still can't find it. A lot of people have failed me. I
know that it shouldn't be an exuse but I really haven't had a real role

I am currently enrolled in school to be a nurse but I can tell
you that I am truly in it for the money.

Is nursing my passion?


I think that a passion is music but I am not guarnteed a
future as a singer.

Going into singing is a risk that many people take
and fail.

Right now, the person that I am trying to look up to is GOD because I
believe that I can find my purpose in him.

Clodine Marie Nestan

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