Haitians fighting for our (the Dominicans) FREEDOM... KISS MY...

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Haitians fighting for our (the Dominicans) FREEDOM...


a. Pick up a history book and you would find out that after Santo Domingo gained independence from Spain in 1822 many towns and villages within Dominican territory allied themselves with the Republic of Haiti.

But instead of being a good neighborhoods your forfathers decided to take advantage of that trust and use our people as cheap labor and treat us slaves and made us pay YOUR debt to France.

It was Juan Pablo Duarte who liberated us from slavery when he liberated us form YOU!

b. Although I condem what these young Dominican patriots are doing to the flag of Haiti I understand why. This was in retaliation after a bunch of Haitians savages burned the Dominican flag on our own territory.

And as for the whole immigration issue, it amuses when a pregnant Haitian woman cross into Dajabon to give birth in a Dominican hospital b/c Haitian hospitals aren't free. She gives birth on Dominican soil (on the dime of the Dominican people) competely oblivious to the nuetralization laws of our country.

Makes it to Santiago where she enrolls the kid in our schools b/c once again Haitian schools aren't free. Doesn't pay a dime to the state and imports dengue, cholera and HIV into our territory.

Later comes to find out the kid isn't technically a citizen then yells out "discrimination" after the Dominican people litarally gave that family a roof over their heads, hospitals, food and an educatation.


Hispaniola, March 14 2014, 11:21 PM

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Topic: Dominicans burning the Haitian Flag / Dominicain ap boule drapo Haitien

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Haitians fighting for our (the Dominicans) FREEDOM.... KISS MY ASS a. Pick up a history book and you would find out that after Santo Domingo gained... read more >
Hispaniola, 14-Mar-14 11:21 pm
if I get power magic I'll kill all of domican cause they forget we get same blood..... I'm haitian i love my people read more >
Reginalddoblase, 26-Feb-15 4:05 pm
I think all Haitians should come back to haiti,no matter what the Dominican don't like us read more >
Maryse, 18-Oct-16 1:19 pm
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