7 Dominicans Walk to Port-au-Prince Haiti from DR Capital Santo Domingo for peace

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Topic: 7 Dominicans Walk to Port-au-Prince Haiti from DR Capital Santo Domingo for peace

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The Dominican Republic has the right to protect its borders, preserve its national identity, and regulate immigrations to their territory. The... read more >
Ricart, 13-Mar-14 2:05 pm
To ricart....whatever your name is, Hard work is all Haitians do everywhere. As far as all of your other remarks,every country has corrupt... read more >
H-sensation, 13-Mar-14 2:18 pm
@H-sensation Whatever Haiti did for the Dominican Republic in the past do not entitle Haitians to live off Dominicans for ever. Furthermore, it... read more >
Ricart, 13-Mar-14 2:43 pm
Haitian should apologize to Dominican Republic for what, for thousands of Haitians been killed by Trouillot or for participating in destroying the... read more >
Berard Morel, 13-Mar-14 3:01 pm
@Berard Morel You made a reference to the killings of Haitians by dictator Rafael L. Trujillo. You conveniently omitted the fact that the same... read more >
Ricart, 13-Mar-14 3:22 pm
why it got Haitians verses Dominicans..... what about united?... its not fair to say that cause a lot of other naion re living in Haiti right now..... read more >
Haitian For Life, 13-Mar-14 3:40 pm
We don't need their kind of fake cry for "forgiveness", when they were doing it, they did not care, so what we want now is "REVENGE" they can eat... read more >
Djdj, 13-Mar-14 6:33 pm
Haitian never asked to go to DR you imbecile! After the Haitian occupation to DR, the DR government made a deal to the US government to transport... read more >
Ricart, 13-Mar-14 7:07 pm
They are not a representative of the government. Their cries for doesn't mean a thing. They need to go to their government and ask them to change... read more >
Harry, 13-Mar-14 11:23 pm
you're one ignorant nigger who has no use for humanity nor the Haitian freedom and the Dominican Republic. it takes courage for a nation to admitted... read more >
Unknown, 13-Mar-14 11:28 pm
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