Wow we need more people like Bill Gates to invest more into my...

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Wow we need more people like Bill Gates to invest more into my island

Allan Seraphin, February 22 2014, 11:55 AM

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Topic: Bill Gates visited Haiti more than once, did you know that?

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Bill Gates and his family are helping Haiti to move forward, there is more than enough for everybody in this world. We all need to help each other... read more >
Marie Ange Salomon, 22-Feb-14 9:55 am
I hope he has good intentions and he is doing those things from the goodness of his Heart.because a lot of wealthy people go to haiti and open... read more >
Ell Shaddai, 22-Feb-14 10:24 am
Bill Gates is a great philantropist... He gives from his heart. If all billionnairs n millionaires act like him or think like him, the world would... read more >
Jeff, 22-Feb-14 10:56 am
Wow we need more people like Bill Gates to invest more into my island read more >
Allan Seraphin, 22-Feb-14 11:55 am
Tha will be good for Haiti if he invest some money open Many job for Haitian read more >
Daniel Bongard, 22-Feb-14 12:04 pm
It was wonderful. This is what the country need at this time people that are thinking on how and where to invest to better everyone's life... read more >
Michele Pierre, 23-Feb-14 12:29 am
I want your Haitian guys to stop thinking negatively always give yourself the freedom to always think that any initiative that taken is for the... read more >
Raymond Archer, 23-Feb-14 9:04 am
Why would you say: " your haitian guys"? That's not very proper to say cause not all haitian guys think the same or act the same.. That's very... read more >
Jeff, 23-Feb-14 9:52 am
Business, interest, commerce, trades, opportunities, support, helping... It's a Genius thing. read more >
Tony Mandela, 13-Mar-14 10:01 am
I am extremely happy that I have read this article. cnt wait to see the change. I love my island HAITI, was not born there but happy to see others... read more >
Anie, 28-Apr-14 11:22 pm
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