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It's not a question of age or what aqe they came here, it a matter of Principles and behavior.

I know so many people came here at the the very young age even younger than three years old that they never used to disappoint their family and their homeland; now we reach in a corner that Haitian Family themselves divorces with their Childrens and they let go, therefore if you cannot fix your house.

I wont tolerate anyboody comming to durty my place: Reference ( U.S.A ).

That's what President Francois Duvalier used called '' Bovarisme Collectif '' We haitian have a way of adopted other cultures implied it in our cultures ;which often the bad ones _ Now we're paying the consequenses
All this contribute in our deportation, it's true they said we had Aids, they give us all king of name but never been deported, Now we reach to a point, we don't even look like our self anymore.

I have so many things to say


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