Haiti must be Haiti in order to acquire the ability to deal...

Haiti must be Haiti in order to acquire the ability to deal with whatsoever.

If you aceept Haiti's station as on a plain field, so she has a problem to deal with. If in the other hand, Haiti is herself immature, what can you expect?

What you advocate in this article or this note, is contrary to what you advocate in US dealing with young criminals deported.

Stay straight in your beliefs, my friend It's either principles, chaos or nothing.

In my views, She is a single mother (American meaning) with no child support living in welfare with 7-10 billions illegitimate children who feed themselves in the waste area of the nearby city. Those who can't make it to the area, won't know the taste of education, health, finances and smart citizenship.

She has to wake up and set herself to find a job and restore some discipline around the house.

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