A Haitian Resistance Movement called LA PESTE (THE PESTILENCE) is sending a strong warning to the Dominican Government.

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Haiti may not have a standing Army but a mysterious group of Haitians vow to defend Haiti and Haitian citizens at all cost. The Haitian Army was disbanded by Aristide in 1995. When we ask Josianne Fabrice, a New York State University Student for her opinion on whether a strong Haitian military would be capable of defending Haitian citizens.

She said "I believe that the Army would not be able to do much but not having an Army gives the Dominicans a clear green light to do anything they want to Haitians in their country and to interfere in Haiti's political platform".

While the Dominicans continue to wreak havoc in Haitians lives both, in the Dominican Republic and in Haiti, a mysterious group called LA PESTE, a French word which means The Pestilence, has a strong warning for the Dominicans.

"If I was the Dominican Republic right now, I would behave" said Zodiac.

"We are not afraid to destroy the foundation of the Dominican Republic to save one Haitian" He continued.

One of our writers first made contact with a person claiming to be from La Peste two months ago and after a short conversation, he offered to put us in touch with Zodiac, also known as captain zodiac from New York. Although we pressed him to give us his full name, he only gave us his initial, which is L.R.S.

Here is a part of the interview with Zodiac.

First of all, could you tell us your name?

Zodiac, some people call me Captain Zodiac

Why Captain Zodiac?

Are you part of a military, militia, police?

Why are you called captain?

Captain is my rank and we are defensive force.

So, tell me about La Peste?

Like I said before, we are a defensive force and our goal is to restore our national and territorial integrity, protect our citizens at home and abroad, especially in the Dominican Republic and fix our country.

The whole island is for Haiti and unless the Dominican Republic pay us over half of the money we gave the French government to recognize our sovereignty- we cannot recognize Dominican Republic as a free and independent country.

How do you plan to protect your citizens when you're not a police force or a military?

We are shadow, what you see is not what you heard and what you think we start is what we've already completed.

Haiti faced the French with an Army of ill equipped rebels and we were able to beat them and drive them out of our land. What do you think is impossible to us?

What do you mean by you're a shadow?

It means that you shouldn't try to understand how we operate and no Dominican should expect peace any time soon until we get our land back.

Aren't you advocating violence instead of peace?

Don't you think this crisis needs a political solution and not conflicts?

We believe in peace and we want peace but we cannot make peace when we are already at war. We must defend ourselves.

Killing one Haitian with no justification is enough for us to retaliate against the Dominicans but now, it's more than that. Thousands of Haitians have been killed and oppressed.

We cannot sit and let this genocide happen.

We will defend ourselves and God be with us.

So why did you guys contact us, was it part of your plan?

You're a journalist and by writing this article you will do the Dominicans a great favor.

You're like a prophet, warning the people what's coming to them.

How many of you are there?

That's something you'll never know but you should know that we're everywhere, even in the Dominican Republic itself.

Do you believe peace can be achieved if there is a new president in the Dominican Republic?

It makes no difference to us. Lionel Fernandez came from the United States and sees that Haitians and Dominicans live like brothers in the United States and by understanding that, he made peace with the Haitian people.

I believe this president can do something but he simply won't try. New president or not, we will not recognize them a sovereign country.

It is Haitian territory and we will get it back by all means necessary.

Don't you believe spreading this message will cause further harm on the Haitians in the Dominican Republic?

No, I believe that the Haitians in the Dominican Republic will understand that we're fighting for them and they will fight with us.

Garius, December 12 2013, 2:56 AM

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