Haiti, blame France and your beloved Napoleon Bonaparte, Not the Dominican Republic

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17% of Dominican population is illegal Haitians...

the highest % of "refugees" in the world, all happened after the earthquake!...

we Dominicans can't even handle our own problems!, how can you pretend that we have to handle yours too!, get real....

we are a developing country, Haiti is a collapsed state, the poorest of the hemisphere, Historical enemies! Do not dream too much!, the problem is complex and almost reaching a "Volcanic stage"...

Blame France and your Beloved Napoleon Bonaparte," El Corso"

Not us!...

bon appetit!...

Johnny, December 8 2013, 4:18 PM

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"Full of Dominican Racaille in Haiti: Prostitutes, hair dressers, vendors of food everywhere in Petionville send them all back to their homeland.... read more >
Ricart, 6-Dec-13 12:21 pm
Yes, there are other countries with horrible injustices but we are not talking about those countries since this threat is specifically in response... read more >
Haiti Reads, 8-Dec-13 12:31 am
17% of Dominican population is illegal Haitians.... the highest % of "refugees" in the world, all happened after the earthquake!.... we Dominicans... read more >
Johnny, 8-Dec-13 4:18 pm
Are we mistreating your people in Haiti? No we're not. Life is karma. U.S immigration is taking care of you guys. read more >
Victoire Augustave, 11-Dec-13 7:32 pm
The Dominican Republic would not be a country now, if it was not for Haiti. You may call yourself a developing country in order to give yourself... read more >
Priscilla, 11-Dec-13 10:18 pm
I bet a lot of haitians were in that mix... when it comes to thug life, Haitians and Dominicans are very fond of. read some news about Haitians... read more >
Wil-q, 14-Dec-13 6:00 am
listen people... who are you to say that we are immigrants in the DR... remember, we were an island of one nation....the separation between Haiti... read more >
Leslie, 1-Apr-14 5:06 pm
All the Haitian that have a voice like should come together to change this situation. I could say they should go home, but for what? What home do we... read more >
Marie, 12-Jun-17 1:24 pm
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