What's going on DR is deplorable, they specifically target Haitians

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I've been to Dominican Republic several times on business as recent as early 2013 and I understand Jimmy's plight.

My parents are Haitian's who migrated to the US in the early 70's where I was born in the 80's so I have a US Passport much like Jimmy probably has. I speak enough Spanish to ask for directions and order food so I'm a dead ringer for an American.

While I was there I was at a corner store from the 5 star resort I was staying at and I mentioned that my parents are Haitian and the attitudes and expressions changed.

They claimed they had ill feelings for Haitians because of how poor they are and how they mainly don't like them because they don't consider themselves part of the same class.

I was shocked at this point that this man who was just as dark as I was with the same features as any person from Haiti was saying this.

I started to joke with them as we all smoked cigars to lighten the mood but calmly explained to them that I had to leave since by their definition, we were not part of the same class since they were by my accounts, poor and not of the same class as I was.

They didn't like that very much and began to approach me, calling me a dirty Haitian amongst other things.

I was nervous but when in another country I never carry more than $30 USD at anytime and I always carry a flash light taser.

Once they got close I hit the button and they backed off and I was free to walk back to my hotel.

I had to return a week later and when I got to the airport to go through customs, the officer went through my passport and saw that I had 4 stamps from Haiti and asked why I went to Haiti to which I replied a funeral and family events.

Afterwards, he asked to check my bags and wanted to see what was in my wallet.

I had credit cards and money from Curacao but no American or DR currency and he questioned how I was going to survive in SD with out money and told me that under most circumstances, I would not be aloud to enter the country without money because they feared that most Haitians would enter the country without money and become vagabonds.

(Truthfully, I believe he was considering taking my cash if there was any there)

Long story made short, people get robbed and mistreated all over the world but whats going on DR is deplorable.

They specifically targeting Haitians and robbing, assaulting, raping and even killing them.

The international community needs to address these issues.

In the mean time, I have cancelled my family's vacation in DR for next year. We'll go to PR or back to Curacao instead.

Wood, December 5 2013, 10:32 AM

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I've been to Dominican Republic several times on business as recent as early 2013 and I understand Jimmy's plight. My parents are Haitian's who... read more >
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