25 February at 8.30 FLL to p au p back in miami 02/10/2014

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25 February @ 8.30 FLL to p au p back in miami 02/10/2014

Rocheney, December 4 2013, 10:55 PM

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Topic: JetBlue flights to Port-au-Prince Haiti now on sale

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yes I love it read more >
Rubin Constant, 15-Jun-13 1:52 pm
It was about time for American Airlines to get a competitor in the Haitian market. Yo fe Haitien trop mechanste nan pri tike, mwen byen kontan Jet... read more >
Vanina, 15-Jun-13 7:34 pm
Well, let's not all go crazy on the band wagon and claim "que la vie est belle" with Jetblue. Simple search revealed that if you want to spend... read more >
Raynald Delerme, 18-Jun-13 11:32 am
Miami but people in new York new jersey doesn't have any choice but to pay expensive tickets from American airline or delta. its make any sense at... read more >
Miami, 5-Jul-13 10:21 am
What about people from Montreal. We found it non sense to pay a ticket to go to Haiti $1,500.round-trip, beginning of December, which represents... read more >
Evelyne Berrouet Oriol, 4-Dec-13 3:14 pm
25 February @ 8.30 FLL to p au p back in miami 02/10/2014 read more >
Rocheney, 4-Dec-13 10:55 pm
I don't care JetBlue or American are to me the same out to kill the people of Haiti with their high prices. it's more expensive to go to haiti from... read more >
Micheline, 6-Dec-13 5:46 pm
je pars le 23 decembre pour retourer le 2 janvier, destionaton boston read more >
Mirlande, 26-Oct-15 2:38 pm


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