$48 Billion Dollar La Gonave Haiti Project, a wonderful idea...

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This is a wonderful idea. I like it a lot...

thumbs up LGD....

Jd, December 4 2013, 10:07 PM

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Topic: La Gonave Haiti - The 48 Billion Dollar Project

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The USA should take over the entire island of Haiti. There will be less suffering for the less unfortunate ones. If Haitians can't control their onw... read more >
Plezi, 16-Nov-13 5:54 am
haha, I can't believe some people here are objecting to USA taking over Haiti. Haiti is a failed state in all sense of the word: No standing army... read more >
Ricart, 16-Nov-13 5:41 pm
I'm curious about the reasons for the delay, if it's is a matter of who controls the island than of course Haiti should be cautious and insist on... read more >
Tonton Michel, 17-Nov-13 5:12 am
No way... Haiti belongs to Haitian people no matter what. read more >
Maryse, 23-Nov-13 7:01 am
Your such an ass, not a human ass, but a dog ass, full of diaryha how could you say that,?!!!! like where is your head, your is your damnn mind,? do... read more >
Sovanskie, 23-Nov-13 1:22 pm
It's a very god plan for la Gonave and all Haitians. read more >
Juodel Joseph, 23-Nov-13 1:48 pm
This is a wonderful idea. I like it a lot... thumbs up LGD..... read more >
Jd, 4-Dec-13 10:07 pm
Some people say that they don't like the idea the headquarter will be in Houston Texas.... I don't care if the headquarter is in China. This project... read more >
Jd, 5-Dec-13 11:23 pm
Please take the whole country.. Haitians have a paradise and they don't know what to do with it..... read more >
Jd, 6-Dec-13 9:27 am
any project is good for Haiti read more >
Haitiando, 8-Dec-13 8:36 pm
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