I do like this article. I have been traveling to Haiti every...

Patsey - November 6 2013, 7:39 AM

I do like this article.

I have been traveling to Haiti every year since 1994. As we are preparing for these journeys each year, I say traveling to Haiti you must first stop thinking like you are still home in the US because it won't work in Haiti.

Haiti, for me, is a land of emotion.

First, you will either fall totally in love (as I did) with this Island or you will not. In 1998 we traveled up a mountain from Port au Prince through Petionville, Kenscoff up to Furcy.

As we were traveling it began to look foggy, once we were at the top, we found many families living here. We got out and I slowly began to realize we were visiting people that were living "above the clouds".

As one of my fellow travelers, Barbara said, "I can reach out and touch the face of God".

Travel to Haiti?

I recommend it for those who are pepared that what was last year, may not be what is this year

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