Hello Fellow Haitians! Sorry if I offended anybody here by...

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Hello Fellow Haitians! Sorry if I offended anybody here by just laying some facts.

That was not my intention.

Although my comments might seem racist they are not. In all honesty, is the reality of the Haitian community.

Don't believe me, look for yourself the statistics and the data.

Why is it that the minute a Dominican says something about Haiti he or she is racist?

Is it wrong to care for one's nation?

For not wanting to be invaded by illegals?

For not accepting people in general who in reality are more of a problem than an advantage?

Common guys, tell me a nation that treat you better than the DR?

Please tell me.

Tell me who has been there for you guys...

Now that we are changing things, being not tolerant of illegal immigration we are racist?

Work for yourself, please, we want a great Haiti next to us, civilized nation with hospital, schools, democracy, happiness, not hungriness.

That's what we want...

we did it. You can do it too. Work on that. We give you Jobs, we build you universities, There are places in DR that the majority of new born are of Haitian illegals, and we receive you with open arms. That's what you call racist?

OK, then we are racist.

As far as my education because I cannot "write a sentence"...Hey, English is my second language.

As far as Haiti invading/Taking over DR...

it's not going to happen.

As far as a sovereign nation having the right to deport any illegals we have that. It's a shame that only a few people get my my point and agree with what I said. We have been there for you guys from the get go...

the problem is that you see us as enemies and we are not....

Know our History we became independent of you guy for a reason, as other nations do, the same way you did. Let's respect each other, work together, and please understand that we are not your solution.

You have to get up, and do it for yourself...

we are more than happy to help. To Mr. Kenol...

I will be a LOOSER if I don't defend my nation.

Learn, read, and see who are your real enemies in the world...

In any event, I love the debate...

Facts are Facts.

Don't get upset at them...

work on them.

Dr1, November 5 2013, 11:27 AM

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Speaking of education, I noticed some errors in your letter. You need some education to improve your English. read more >
Jim, 31-Oct-13 5:34 pm
Obviously this guy is bitter about Haiti having taken care of the DR for 24 years and Haiti is a black nation cause you know they don't refer to... read more >
Negbelair, 31-Oct-13 7:09 pm
Look who is talking about education, and he cannot even build a sentence... Let me remind you something fool, without Haitians you would be still a... read more >
Patrick, 31-Oct-13 11:25 pm
While the comment he made might not have been the nice thing to say, I must say he said some things that were right... I am Haitian dark skinned and... read more >
Yindy, 1-Nov-13 4:43 am
Pure ignorance. Haitians and Dominicans. read more >
Ignorance Kills, 3-Nov-13 10:18 pm
Hello Fellow Haitians! Sorry if I offended anybody here by just laying some facts. That was not my intention. Although my comments might seem racist... read more >
Dr1, 5-Nov-13 11:27 am
Dominicain an ap frape nou wi... Li di li pa rasist, li just renmen peyi-l e li vle yon Haiti ki ap fe efo a kote St Domeng... Ou kwe nou ka joure-l... read more >
Woody, 5-Nov-13 7:17 pm
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