i don't look haitian

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I know some idiots who think it is funny when some says "you don't look haitian."
What does haitian look like
what does jamaican look like
what do porto rican look like.
There are idiot who says that they are syrians.

these people are just confused.

If one doesn't have a nationality, he is an eran, baladeure veuglette.

i remember in high school many haitian wouldn't speak creol.

me, i had no problem together with my group of friends.

when i lived in scotland, i could have easilly hiden my nationality but what for. I met a two haitians and they where so happy to see me but really they don't speak creol because one from shad and the other from france never been in haiti.

I was in a bus going from saint andrews to edinbourgh and i met this german girl and we started chatting.

her best best friend is a haitian german journalist.

she was so happy to meet an actual haitian.

I don't knoe if you remember the documentary about the haitian pig. the week that they showed that documentary, i had a lot to explain at work but that never stopped me from being haitian.

Moreover, always stand for what you believe and god will always be with you. once you start running or hiding, you won't be able to stop

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