While the comment he made might not have been the nice thing...

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While the comment he made might not have been the nice thing to say, I must say he said some things that were right...

I am Haitian dark skinned and proud but my people do behave like savages.

Perfect examples high school 10 yrs ago Haitian students in school with knives and machetes is that what you left Haiti for?

Is that what your parent gave sweat for?

Football, soccer, basketball games, Haitian lose Haitian fight.


What happened to the Haitian pride?

When I was coming up education was the biggest thing.

Now soon Haitians get to the US it's factory work to make money?

I have no problems with that but improve yourself have some ambition and willingness to advance and the young generation on the streets selling drugs shame...

And look the Haitian on Haitian crime going on in Haiti..

We quick to get upset and blame our issues on other nation when we need to focus on ourselves...

The only way to change the way the world view us and gain some respect is to first RESPECT ourselves.

Take a long look in our mirror in our backyard find the problem...

The problem is within, it's not DR, it's not the U.S. or anybody else, it's Haitians, we need to learn to work together to fix us our house, our Homeland and stop blaming everyone else....

I love my country, it's what made me who I am n I am proud of who I am...

I'm tired of looking at the TV screen and seeing the violence it's gruesome and yes act of savages...

I'm tired of seeing Haitians come to other ppl country to end up in jail walking around forgetting where they came from or how much sweat and blood someone have to being them out of Haiti?

Last but not least why do Haitians bring their business elsewhere?

Why not create jobs for the Haitian population?

And they willing to pay taxes in other countries yet in Haiti they wanna burn down places once taxes is mentioned?

How you gonna fix your country by burning tires in the model of the street and killing just cause you don't agree with something?

I could go all day...

But ima stop with is that what our ancestors fought for?

I'm sure that is not the dream they had for us?

Yindy, November 1 2013, 4:43 AM

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Jim, 31-Oct-13 5:34 pm
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Negbelair, 31-Oct-13 7:09 pm
Look who is talking about education, and he cannot even build a sentence... Let me remind you something fool, without Haitians you would be still a... read more >
Patrick, 31-Oct-13 11:25 pm
While the comment he made might not have been the nice thing to say, I must say he said some things that were right... I am Haitian dark skinned and... read more >
Yindy, 1-Nov-13 4:43 am
Pure ignorance. Haitians and Dominicans. read more >
Ignorance Kills, 3-Nov-13 10:18 pm
Hello Fellow Haitians! Sorry if I offended anybody here by just laying some facts. That was not my intention. Although my comments might seem racist... read more >
Dr1, 5-Nov-13 11:27 am
Dominicain an ap frape nou wi... Li di li pa rasist, li just renmen peyi-l e li vle yon Haiti ki ap fe efo a kote St Domeng... Ou kwe nou ka joure-l... read more >
Woody, 5-Nov-13 7:17 pm
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