It´ll be a great pleasure for me to help you understand...

Garry - October 31 2013, 8:05 PM

It´ll be a great pleasure for me to help you understand it: "Détention préventive prolongée" is known as disrespect of the human rights because someone under arrest should see his judge in a delay that is not over 48 hours.

When you are under arrest, you are in the preventive detention and if you do not present to a judge who will fix your trial (judgement) within 2 days, you fall in the longer detention preventive.

That means you are under arrest and you do not know why and you do not know how for many years you will stay in jail.

That is a judiciary system broken like Haiti.

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Can anyone explain to me in plain English what "détention préventive prolongée" really means? I hear that term used a lot in articles...

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