Creole is not only a language...but one who has humor

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I love speaking creole.

It is the only language I do not have to explain myself.

Kreyol pale, Kreyol Konpran.

I love it because one can express his/her self in many different ways. It has this humor.

When you hear something funny in creole, there is no doubt you will laugh.

My grandmother alone has her own dictionary.

The words that are coming out of her mouth are enough to have you rolling on the floor 24/7...what other language has this you the freedom to create your own word and even if used for the first time would be understood by all?

None, none other than Creole.

So if someone or anyone from Haiti or with Haitian heritage does not know how to speak Creole "Kreyol" you are at great disavantage.

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Topic: Do you consider Creole as a language?

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Language is a cultural bound means of exchanging thoughts,feelings,actions or lack of it by combining spoken words,gestures or written symbols used... read more >
Topic, 29-Mar-05 2:35 am
Hi my name is Nadege,I like my language. of course creolis considered as a language some haitian people dont like to speak creole when there are in... read more >
Topic, 29-Mar-05 1:36 pm
Oui je le considere comme une langue en partie.Parce que si deux personnes arrivent dans un hopital a port au prince si l'un s'exprime en francais... read more >
Topic, 30-Mar-05 1:14 pm
Not only the Haitian language is a language like any other language but it is a language with no prejudice and sexism. The next gorvernment who is... read more >
Topic, 30-Mar-05 7:48 pm
Since i got you right for you instead of speaking our own language which is Haitian,a country which is Haiti with our own constitutions and our own... read more >
Topic, 30-Mar-05 8:12 pm
Oui, je consideres creole comme une langage car c'est la langue que nous parlons en haiti c'est pas officiel mais c'est quand meme une langue. read more >
Topic, 31-Mar-05 1:35 pm
I am glad you checked out my comments, but unfortunately I desagree with your reply. You use a bunch of code rethorics that I heard haitian keep... read more >
Topic, 2-Apr-05 11:11 am
I love speaking creole. It is the only language I do not have to explain myself. Kreyol pale, Kreyol Konpran. I love it because one can express... read more >
Topic, 2-Apr-05 9:30 pm
send you a reply earlier, I think i should make myself clearer. If you read my post I never said to give up Creole.. Creole is part of our culture... read more >
Topic, 2-Apr-05 9:35 pm
yes i do consider creole as a language because it is our official language and our maternal language read more >
Topic, 5-Apr-05 6:25 pm
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