New Haiti Banking Measures Catches Diaspora Haitians Off Guard

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Topic: New Haiti Banking Measures Catches Diaspora Haitians Off Guard

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You are stupid liar and retarded. Where in the U.S.A this would ever happen? read more >
Kim, 14-Oct-13 5:10 pm
Hi to all! I am concerned about Haiti with everything that is going on right now. I have a feeling that Martelly is giving away the country to those... read more >
David Blaise, 14-Oct-13 8:28 pm
when you want to open a bank account in the USA they ask for proof of address and you comply but when they try to do it the right way in Haiti you... read more >
Kelly, 16-Oct-13 1:45 am
Wi papa sa kap pase. Zetazini, fwans e zanmi pa-yo se deye sa-a. read more >
Ti Jak, 16-Oct-13 9:28 am
There is one comment O agree with yes we stay in a country were you can have a million $ in your account were you sleep safe at night without worry... read more >
Doriza, 8-Jul-16 12:28 pm
Je suis jacques jaimerai ouver un compts en haiti read more >
Jacques Y Charleron, 25-Sep-16 3:47 am
In US Canada you only need your ID and social security number not the actual card and you set. A light bill under your name that fishy to me. read more >
Wow Ayiti, 21-Feb-18 2:47 am
That's called shooting yourself in the foot. Clearly there is a disconnect between the basic understanding of economics by the central bank of Haiti... read more >
Gerry Marshall, 30-Oct-18 4:28 pm
I think that the most stupid and unrealistic decision the central bank can make but I am not surprised because that's what keep Haiti poor because... read more >
Catherine Flon, 7-Apr-19 4:42 pm
Law and Order. It will decrease all of the corruptions in the country. read more >
Schiller Joseph, 8-Apr-19 4:36 pm
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