There are many positive (key word, positive) things Haitians...

Gonzales R Joseph - October 1 2013, 7:45 PM

There are many positive (key word, positive) things Haitians can do! These are not the days when we just came out of slavery and the world was very ignorant of who (We the Haitian People) are capable of doing given the right environment and guided in the right direction.

We are a nation of intelligent priest and for one reason or another the rest of the world has always been attracted to Haiti.

We are at a point where Haiti and many Haitians on a grand scale are about to be granted access to pull herself out of poverty and catch up With the rest of the world! DR don't like that. A lot of Haiti's problems can be solve w/o violence & bloodshed by simply activating our 11tth Dept (Haiti's Diaspora) especially in South Florida!! Grassroott movement, Social network, write your congressmen, your local representative or wherever you maybe at. Talk to your Dominican friends but what ever you do, do not stop to the level of the DR government!

L'Union Fait La Force

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